Monday, March 14, 2011

So Many Cakes, So Little Time!!

There are SOO many more cakes I've yet to post pics of on this blog! I have been SO incredibly busy so far this year!!! If any of you have requested a cake and have been turned down due to my schedule being booked, PLEASE forgive me, I wish I could do every single cake! I'm sure most of you know how demanding the blessing of motherhood can be, and that, along with my full-time office job, and many other commitments keep me booked ALL THE TIME. Bear with me, and please don't give up on me! I hope everyone understands that I can, as one person, only fit so many cakes into my schedule!!!! :) Lots of love to all!! -Lori

Baby Shower

Alice in Wonderland

Normally, I do not do cakes this elaborate, because if I did, I would no longer be employed by my full-time employer! ha! But nevertheless, this cake was for one very very special lady who turned 16. Happy Birthday Sweet Shelby! And thank you for all you've ever done for me! (And your mom and brother too!!!) Love you guys!

Minnie Mouse Cake!